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Non-Public Market

Corporate Clients - non-public market

The non-public market offering of Millennium DM S.A., aimed at corporate Clients, covers among others the following types of services:

Advice on finding finance sources (external financing strategies)

This service entails construction of the following strategies: enterprise development financing, capital structure optimisation based on direct access to capital markets and funds supplied by specialised financial institutions (private equity funds, venture capital). The financing strategy may account for capital acquisition through the following:

  • closed share issues placed on the non-public market and aimed at passive investors,
  • issues of debt instruments (e.g. bonds, convertibles, short-term debt securities),
  • use of available sources of credit financing,
  • combination of the above forms of financing.

2. Organising mergers and acquisitions.
This service entails assistance in enterprise mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions (purchase of companies).

As part of this service, Millennium DM S.A. offers the following:

  • developing a precise strategy identifying the form of transaction, ownership structure and type of investor,
  • identification of potential investors and/or investment purposes,
  • examination of an enterprise's standing,
  • valuation of enterprises,
  • defining the value to be established as a result of possible transaction,
  • negotiations with parties concerned, aimed at meeting specific targets,
  • finalising transactions and assistance in fluent transition to a new ownership structure.

As part of the merger and acquisition services, our Brokerage House also offers advisory services with regard to leverage buy-outs (LBO - purchase by external investors with the use of high debt) and management buy-outs (MBO, LMBO - purchase by the management using own funds or a high debt).

3. Finding and attracting investors from the sector.
This service involves advice on how to attract investors representing the sector (both domestic and foreign) for enterprises or selected areas of their operations.

The service covers:

  • evaluation of financial standing and market position of entities searching for industry partners,
  • identifying attractive partners,
  • valuating entities searching for partners,
  • identification and development of the transaction's optimum structure,
  • negotiations with the parties concerned,
  • finalising transactions and assistance in fluent transition to the new ownership structure.

4. Preparing and handling private placements.
This service comprises the following:

  • advice regarding the issue structure,
  • drawing up the analytical report and information memorandum on the relevant company,
  • preparing instructions, procedures and documents necessary to conduct the issue,
  • providing the network of own Customer Service Points to handle the offer or setting up a Customer Service Point onsite at the company's offices,
  • settling the issue's results, including preparation and handling allocation of shares.

5. Administering the securities depository
For joint stock companies, especially those with dispersed shareholding structure (e.g. companies covered under the NIF program) and those intending to introduce their shares to public trading, Millennium DM S.A. offers share depository services which cover the following:

  • storing shares or collective certificates for the company shares in the depository,
  • keeping the register of shareholders without a deposit account or a securities account,
  • updating the register of shareholders based on documents confirming transfer of rights due to shares, including civil law agreements and valid court decisions, as well as updating changes in the identification and address data of the shareholders,
  • following a written request from the shareholders, issuing documents confirming the purchase of shares and their duplicates,
  • servicing distribution of dividend to the shareholders listed in the register.

6. Organising and conducting secondary trading transactions.
This service is offered to joint stock companies covered under the NIF program and it entails the following:

  • managing securities accounts for the company shareholders intending to participate in share trading,
  • organising and conducting trading in securities of companies covered under the Mass Privatisation Program for persons eligible to participate in trading,
  • mediating in block transactions.

Capital Market Transactions
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