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Under agreements concluded with issuers and the WSE, Millennium DM S.A. is a market maker for issuers and WSE listed companies, helping boost turnover. As part of its respective obligations, Millennium DM works among others with issuers of low liquidity shares that joined the Liquidity Support Programme.ce 26 June 1990. Until August 1995, these activities had been performed by the Brokerage Office which operated as the Bank’s division. In order to completely separate the brokerage services from the Bank's structures, on 7 August 1995 the operations of the Brokerage Office of Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych BIG S.A. were moved to the newly established limited liability company - Dom Maklerski BIG Sp. z o.o., having then equity of PLN 27m paid up in full by the Bank.

Even before launching the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the BIG Brokerage Office had already been one of the first offices in Poland to offer brokerage services focused on trading in securities. From the very beginning, BIG Brokerage Office actively participated in the process of organising the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and subsequently became one of its first members.

The Brokerage Office of Bank Gdański SA launched its operations in April 1991 and was a Warsaw Stock Exchange member and participant of the National Depository for Securities since their inception. In February 1994, the brokerage division was separated organisationally and financially from Bank Gdański, becoming one of the most active institutions in the primary securities market, participating in the distribution of one-year and three-year T-bonds and in syndicates offering shares in public trading. Immediately before the merger, Bank Gdański Brokerage Office held some 60 000 investor accounts and 20 Customer Service Points.

On 1 May 1997, the two brokerage enterprises, i.e. Dom Maklerski BIG Sp. z o.o. and Bank Gdański Brokerage Office merged to form a limited liability brokerage organisation Dom Maklerski BIG-BG Sp. z o.o. Thanks to the merger, both institutions reinforced their market position and were able to challenge the growing competition posed by domestic and foreign brokerage enterprises. This merger gave rise to one of the largest brokerage entities in Poland, both in terms of the volume of transactions on the capital market (primary and secondary) and equity.

As prescribed by the Public Trading in Securities Act, on 1 October 1998 Dom Maklerski BIG-BG Sp. z o.o. was transformed into a joint stock company.

On 7 January 2003, pursuant to a decision of the registry court involving statutes amendment, BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. was officially renamed to Bank Millennium S.A. - and the brokerage house was subsequently renamed to Millennium Dom Maklerski S.A.