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Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services


The Advisory and Research Department prepares analytical reports for the Clients of Millennium DM S.A., ensuring the reliability and confidentiality of the recommendations and information provided therein:

  • analytical reports for companies introduced to public trading; each report contains financial research, valuation and recommendation:
      - "IPO" - Initial Public Offering research
      - "Initial Coverage" - the first major report on a company
      - "Update" - short quarterly update
  • research at request.

Full research are made available to those Clients of Millennium DM S.A. who generate a certain level of turnover on their accounts. The turnover level is defined by the President of Millennium DM S.A. and made public in the form of an announcement.
We offer an abridged version of the research (limited to the first page) to all investors, which we publicise 7 days after it has been issued.

Advisory and Research Department

banks, financial services
Marcin Materna, CFA
Licensed Investment Advisor
(22) 598 26 82
food industry, Commerce, energy Marcin Palenik, CFA (22) 598 26 70 marcin. palenik@millenniumdm.
Akcje Adam Zajler (22) 598 26 88
Investment funds Sebastian Siemiatkowski (22) 598 26 05
Investment funds Arthur Topczewski, Licensed Investment Advisor (22) 598 26 59


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 These publications have been developed by Millennium DM S.A. solely to serve the purposes of its Clients and they do not constitute any form of advertising or offering of securities. Distributing or copying, either in part or as a whole, without a written consent of Millennium DM S.A. is prohibited.
These publications have been prepared with due care based on facts adopted as reliable, however, Millennium DM S.A. does not guarantee that they are fully accurate and complete. The presented forecasts are based solely on the research conducted by Millennium DM S.A. without any agreements with Companies or other entities and they contain certain assumptions which may prove inadequate in the future. Millennium DM S.A. does not assure that the presented forecasts will be met. Millennium DM S.A. shall not be liable for any losses incurred in consequence to decisions made pursuant to information contained within these research.